Here are a few fun facts about me:

  • In 2019 I completed a course on Interaction Design @IDF

  • In 2018 I became a Fire Warden

  • In 2017 I attended an Animation short course @ RMIT

  • In 2017 I became a UX Designer @ REA Group

  • In 2016 I got my First Aid training & qualifications

  • In 2016 I attended a UX Industry course @ Tractor

  • In 2015 I bought my first home

  • In 2015 I adopted a puppy (Louie) from the Lost Dogs home

  • In 2013 I started working as a Digital Producer @ Papercloud

  • In 2012 I graduated from Advertising @ RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia

  • In 2011/12 I went on exchange to study Kreativ Kommunikations @ DMJX in Copenhagen, Denmark

  • In 2009 I graduated from The University High School in Melbourne, Australia

  • In 2008 I got my Certificate III in Media

  • In 2007 I got my Certificate II in Broadcasting

Hi, I'm Ines NORMAN. 

I’m a UX Designer at REA Group. Previously I was part of the production and design team at Papercloud. I have a variety of skills including Project Management, Product, UX, and UI design. 

My goal in life is to “design for good”. This means creating products that contribute to helping others in their journeys; whether it be helping them find a property, or aiding in their health journeys. 

I’m always working on improving my skills. I have recently completed a short course in Information Visualisation through the Interactive Design Foundation. Previously, I have also attended short courses on both Animation (RMIT) and UX design (Tractor) to further refine techniques; including user research methods, UX principles, qualitative and quantitative methodologies and interaction design. 

At University I earned a Bachelor of Media and Communications studying Advertising (RMIT) and participated in an exchange program studying Kreativ Kommunikations at Danmarks Medie-og Journalisthøjskole in Copenhagen, Denmark. 

In my spare time I like to experiment with all things art, technology & design. My hobbies include illustration, and building a food forest in our backyard.

Got a question?

Email me at hello@inesnorman.com.