Hi, I'm Ines NORMAN. 

I’m an experience designer from Melbourne, Australia. 

I like to experiment with all things art, digital & UX.

My hobbies include illustration, gardening & being a couch potato. 

Here are a few fun facts about me:

  • In 2017 I attended an Animation short course @ RMIT
  • In 2017 I became a UX Designer @ REA Group
  • In 2016 I attended a UX Industry course @ Tractor 
  • In 2015 I bought my first home 
  • In 2015 I adopted a puppy (Louie) from the Lost Dogs home
  • In 2013 I started working as a Digital Producer @ Papercloud
  • In 2012 I graduated from Advertising @ RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia
  • In 2011/12 I went on exchange to study Kreativ Kommunikations @ DMJX in Copenhagen, Denmark 
  • In 2009 I graduated from The University High School in Melbourne, Australia
  • In 2008 I got my Certificate III in Media
  • In 2007 I got my Certificate II in Broadcasting