How do you take notes?

Note taking has evolved for me over the past couple of years. 

Whilst I used to write all my notes in my planner, this has transferred into digital notes in my iPhone both in the Notes and Reminder apps. My priority notes have also transferred to sticky notes as they help me action my priorities. My planner is now a physical copy of my digital calendar.

I've dabbled in note taking apps, but I've found that my iPhone for smaller notes and pages stored on my Drobo system is my preferred method of storage. Whilst I use Dropbox on a daily basis for accessing my files, leaving the larger documents to access in one place helps me keep focused. It also gives me the ability to pick and choose the drafts which I wish to share with others.

When it comes to notes on learning, I now like to colour coordinate action items (e.g. "Research this topic") amongst text. Previously I would write my notes in black and highlight each category in different colours. This is slowly turning into a more illustrated style as I am a visual learner.

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When at conferences I like to take a few notes per page with illustrations in between. I like to finish a page as soon as possible as it feels like a sense of achievement; I believe this is a tool often used in writing. That being said, I would love to explore mind mapping in an upcoming conference or meetup. I love seeing all the different mind maps on social media - I like how they are able to summarise the key points of a talk on one page whilst being illustrated and fascinating to look at.

Got any notetaking tips and tricks? 

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