What does Design mean?

What does design mean to you? 

Design to me means problem solving. Design is function before aesthetic. 

Whilst design can be aesthetically pleasing, it must reflect the solution to a problem for the given target audience. It should never be about what you find personally appealing. 

What being a designer means to me:

1. Collaborating with others

Collaborating with others or co-creation gives me the opportunity to work in teams of people with different points of view. I believe that having different points of view are extremely important to creating a solution to a problem. A personal one-sided view does not factor others and their experiences; it is filled with assumptions and bias. 

2. Challenging my views 

Growing up I became accustomed to taking every word written in a school textbook literally. I struggled to define my own views and ask questions. Being a designer gives me the opportunity to research, analyse and develop an opinion, whilst learning about other views. It challenges the way that I perceive the world. 

3. Killing my babies

Through collaborating with others, or finding evidence (whether qualitative or quantitative) I learn that my "babies" do not works for others. My babies are simply my "inner artist" having a tantrum, and wanting complete control over a solution. Whilst at times I may feel uncomfortable not being in control, it is rewarding to see a succinct solution created from collaborating with others. Go teamwork!   


What does design mean to you, and what does being a designer mean to you? 

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