How to be Organised

Being organised and managing my time helps me stay on top of my goals.

Here's a list of tools and tricks I use to stay on track.


For writing down my longer-term goals, I like to use Trello. Start by listing all your goals and divide them into Categories. List short term tasks in each goal to make it appear achieveable. Here's a newer board i've started recently; with my work boards, they're usually more in-depth with coloured labels (e.g. red = high priority) and descriptions. 


For daily tasks and weekly priorities, I use a planner (filofax). With the addition of coloured pages (from Kiddy Qualia) and sticky notes, it breaks down both personal and work priorities. The physical act of writing down tasks means i'm more likely to achieve them. On Monday morning i'll usually go through my calendar, add dates and tasks. By the end of the week, the pages are overflowing in writing. 

3. Yearly Overview Calendar

For public holidays, important dates and to have an overview of the year, I use a calendar board. The calendar board is usually quite blank in comparison to my physical planner; I write down key dates (at the beginning of that month) which I don't want to forget.


4. Sunrise or Google Calendar

For work meetings, I create meetings in Google Calendar and then view them in a monthly or weekly overview in Sunrise. I'm thinking about purchasing an Apple Watch to keep me more on track; when I tested it for a week, the calendar push-notifications were a useful feature for me. If you know of any other solutions, tweet me!

5. Folders

We have folders for Bills, Manuals & Warranties, Recipes and Property. Having assets and a range of products means you want to be able to track the warranty. I have a bad track record when it comes to receiving faulty products (I'm just lucky!), so when we purchase something, the receipt and the instructions gets placed in a folder; in individual plastic pockets. 



Whiteboard: For house related tasks, we have a whiteboard on the fridge. This way both my partner and I can stay on track of things we plan to set-up or upcoming events. 

To Do Lists: If i'm feeling overwhelmed, i'll write an individual To Do list to prioritise my tasks. 

iPhone Reminders: I ask Siri to remind me about things at certain times and dates. 

Coat Hangers: Instead of having a chair pile to sift through for clothes every day, if there's neatly hung clothes it makes the choice easier.

Buying in bulk: We have a huge fridge at home, which means we can store more food and go to the supermarket less.


Got any suggestions on how to stay organised?

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